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If you have a Development License, you can create builds from any version of Cordova CLI that you like. * This CLI is based on the "cordova" CLI * This is a pre-release version - and now you get one of the greatest things that you can get in a CLI: ** Command line arguments! Using this CLI you can specify every command-line option. By default, most of the command-line options are not provided. For example, this command to build an Android target (app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml) with the latest of cordova-android (cordova-plugin-android-support) & cordova-android-support-gradle-plugin: ``` cordova build --target=android --project "cordova/myApp" You can also specify command-line options for the build, like this: cordova build --target=android --project "cordova/myApp" --buildConfig="build/build.json" cordova build --target=android --project "cordova/myApp" --buildConfig="build/build.json" --buildConfig-store-files=jars/myApp.apk --device --debug cordova build --target=android --project "cordova/myApp" --buildConfig="build/build.json" --buildConfig-store-files=jars/myApp.apk --buildConfig-local-properties="key1=value1" --device --debug Notice the command line arguments that are specified after the buildConfig-file. For more information on how to use these options, see the [cordova-cli docs]( ## One time set up You need to set up a few things to be able to use this command-line. Here are the steps: 1. Install the [cordova]( command-line interface. If you don't already have it, then this will require you to install NodeJS. 2. Clone this repository into




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