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The advantage of configurable software is to be able to divide the workflow of the development to more operators. These operators can be replaced by other than operator but they can do their work simultaneously. e.g. SolidWorks allow you to create a piece and then add additional features by extruding it. The problem that you have is that you are having 2 or more operators trying to operate on the same shape. My suggestion would be that you try to automate the workflow. SolidWorks have good automated workflows. Create a series of steps, with an operator that performs each step on its own and you would be using a series of configuration that apply and replace steps. A good way to do this is by using a configuration management tool like Puppet. Read Puppet Docs here For further information on Solidworks configuration and the doc here This method is good because if you add features to your design, the configuration is simple to replace an operator with a different one. [UPDATE] The idea with in the configuration manager is that you can have something like this operator1 operator2 operator3 etc. And then you can use something like a boolean parameter in a module to specify which operator is currently applied. You can then run this script that will apply the current configuration /script/apply_config.ps1 A: First of all I would suggest you avoid changing the workflow because it is working, even if you don't like it. I would instead recommend doing the work for the new operator (in this case you only want to have one, so I will assume this is a new operator) in a script that is run before the normal one. You can change the name of the script to something like 'SwitchWorkflow' and then check that first. If it is there, do what you need to do to have it run next time. This should do the trick. Q: iOS UICollectionView / UITableView not scrolling on 3.0 devices I am using a UICollectionView and UITableView in a single view and I want to have a page layout. However, I am having issues with devices running iOS 3.0 or newer. I am able to scroll the UICollectionView but I cannot scroll the UITableView. The issue is only



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Power Surfacing For Solidworks 2015 Crack

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